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Mobile Maintenance & Repair
Curbee makes servicing your car easier than ever, by bringing their comprehensive truck directly to your location for most maintenance and repair services. Curbee has software to proactively identify when your car is due for service.
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Mention you're a Getaround host for 10% off services
No-Touch Maintenance & Repair
Discounted services and through a network of local repair and maintenance shops, in addition to fleet management software and a complementary team of advisors. ServiceUp handles all pickup and dropoff fully included so hosts don't need to do lift a finger.
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20% discount on services
Tax Prep & Advisory
Licensed national CPA and bookeeping organization that specializes in working with big and small clients in shared economy spaces, like car sharing
Available Nationally (US)
10% discount first time customers
Mobile Spot Cleaning & Detailing
Sparkl specializes in both full car detailing as well as the basic spot cleaning services that many hosts need regularly each month to keep their fleets in tip top condition for future guests. Fully mobile - travels to wherever your car is.
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Free first cleaning 20-50% discount on other services
Mobile Detailing & Exterior Wash
Washos offers a unique package of detailing / wash services, without the need for hosts to drive to a brick and mortar facility. Select maintenance services also provided, like rim and windshield repair.
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20% discount on services using code GETAROUND20
Mobile Maintenance & Repair
As one of the nation's largest mobile mechanics, RepairSmith delivers repair and preventative maintenance services to our hosts wherever their car is parked. RepairSmith boasts a long list of comprehensive mobile services to meet the needs of hosts.
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10% discount and waived mobile fee
Mobile Cleaning & Refueling
Mobile interior and exterior cleaning of different service levels (executive or mini) to fit whatever type of cleaning a car needs. Yoshi also provides mobile gasoline refueling and car fluid replacement services for cars requiring a fill up.
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25% discount on services using code YOSHIDETAIL25
Virtual Rideshare & Safety Inspections
Rideshare Mechanic provides the mandatory safety inspections for cars hoping to enroll in Getaround's Drive with Uber program. Inspections are done virtually over video so no need to drive to a brick and mortar facility. They also handle virtual safety inspections required for certain select cars to share on Getaround's platform.
Available Nationally (US)
Up to 14% discount on standard virtual inspections
Fleet Management Software
CarSync provides a tool for hosts to manage their fleet of shared vehicles, with holistic information about fleet location & status, improved data dashboards, and an ability to assign privileges to your employees and other mobile service provides to locate and unlock your vehicles via the Connect device without the need to do so on your end for them - whenever they require a touchpoint.
Available Nationally (US)
Free to all Getaround hosts
Car Sharing Insurance
Uniquely available only to Getaround hosts, Lula markets an insurance product designed specifically for car owners who share their vehicle, allowing hosts to save money and insure their vehicles outside of active Getaround trips. No additional device installation required. Exclusive to car share power host on Getaround with 3+ cars.
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$79 / month, no additional device installation required
Dash Cam & Driver Safety Device
Driver protects you while driving with their dash cam app and driver safety solution. The Driver App is the #1 rated, and most reviewed dash cam app in the App Store. The app allows you to video record your trips while receiving safety alerts like forward collision warning and driver drowsiness, while also offering cloud-based video storage, roadside assistance services, coaching, and scoring capabilities.
Available Nationally (US)
3 months free Driver Premium services
Electric Vehicle Financing
Tenet helps individuals finance Electric vehicles by offering lower up front costs in favor of a defered down payment. Unlock an additional bonus up to $500, on top of the standard Getaround onboarding bonus, for every electric vehicle you host and finance with Tenet.
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$500 Tenet EV Onboard Bonus
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