Drive Getaround cars. Earn with Uber.
Want to drive for Uber, but don't have the right car? Getaround offers pre-approved and inspected vehicles, ready for you to book by the hour. Find the right car and start earning with Uber and Uber Eats.

The Getaround and Uber apps are seamlessly connected. It's trusted tech that makes life easier for guests and hosts.
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The perks of Getaround x Uber
Seamless integration between the Getaround and Uber apps makes your life simple. Pick from cars ready for Uber rides, whenever's best for you.
Book by the hour—even a single hour. Flexible booking options mean your lifestyle can be more flexible, too.
Insurance, unlimited mileage, 24/7 support, and roadside assistance come with every booking.
You can even extend a reservation if you want to keep driving.
Design your schedule
Instantly book, unlock, and return a car from your phone.
No need to wait in line or meet in person for a key hand off.
For Hosts
Getaround car hosts also benefit: Uber drivers bring new demand for vehicles on Getaround. You can easily enable your car for ridesharing.

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It's easy to drive with Uber
Just 4 quick steps will get you going.
Sign up in
the apps
Verify that you have a Getaround guest account—and create one if you don't.

Go to the Uber Driver app, and log in or create an account.
Link your
In the Uber vehicle marketplace, pick Getaround as your hourly rental option. Then link your Getaround account by completing the sign-in flow.
Book your
Getaround car
Once your accounts are linked, open the Getaround app. You'll see "Drive with Uber" toggled on. Book a Getaround car that's right for your needs—from size to all-wheel drive—and start your trip.
Start driving & Earning!
Your Getaround booked car information will appear in the Uber Driver app. Go online and start earning!
Down for UberEats delivery? Just unlock your Getaround car, then turn "Deliveries" on in the Uber Driver app.
*Drive with Uber is currently available on Getaround in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Portland, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle, Baltimore, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Miami and state of New Jersey.
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of the Getaround team
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To learn more, see the full Terms and Conditions.