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Do you own a car-repair shop? Are you a mobile car detailer? Maybe you own a commercial business with available parking. If so, we want to partner with you. Become a Getaround partner today and let's start growing faster together.

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Together we grow

The spirit of entrepreneurism has launched many businesses, the greatest — and most sustainable of these are rooted in partnerships. While each of us can survive alone, we thrive when we surround ourselves with a community of businesses that share our goals, mission, and vision.

Mobile fleet servicing in the SF Bay Area. Benefits for all hosts starting at 10% discounts.

Goodbye car ownership. Hello long-term subscription. Get a better car for a lower payment. Zero down. Zero hidden fees. Zero stress.

Enjoy up to 10% off car share tax prep services with Shared Economy Tax!

Getaround hosts receive a 10% on Sparkl Services.