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When you list your car, you're earning money while helping others navigate your city. It's a win-win, and your next big opportunity.
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Big-time bonuses to help you grow

Lock in a bonus for adding your vehicle to Getaround, and another that's based on your earnings over time.

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get started

Submit the form to start

Easy onboarding

Sign up and name your car.

On the sign-up form, you'll tell us about you and your car. Give your car a name, and continue to the next step.

Create a profile and upload photos.

If you have multiple vehicles, use the car manager to create a profile for each one. Listing each car costs $100 for initial setup and $20 per month—but you won't be charged until your car is ready for bookings.

Install Getaround Connect®

We'll reach out to have our proprietary hardware, Getaround Connect®, installed in your car. Connect® lets guests unlock the car with their phone, and gives you insights about the car, trips, and vehicle security. Once Connect® is installed, you're ready for bookings!

Start earning

As soon as you enable bookings, guests can start taking trips in your car—and you can start earning money.


Monthly earnings
2012 MINI Cooper


Monthly earnings
2013 Nissan JUKE


Monthly earnings
2003 Toyota Yaris


Monthly earnings
2 cars


Monthly earnings
3 cars
San Francisco

Discover how much you can earn each month

Car earnings differ by make, model, calendar availability, and market. Earnings numbers and car information shown are from real hosts on Getaround.¹

Getaround has your back

Digital key

Experience a seamless, hands-off,
and secure experience.

Getaround Connect® hardware lets guests unlock your car from the app, and gives you data about the usage and location of your vehicle.

Insurance on
every trip

Rest easy knowing that you are covered whenever your car is in a trip booked on Getaround.

24/7 support,
prioritized for hosts.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you ever have a problem.
Dedicated account managers for power hosts.

As you grow your fleet, you'll get more personalized support from a Getaround team member assigned to you.

Predictive pricing

Let our data figure out exactly how to price bookings, so you can maximize your earnings.

... and more

Premium parking
Special offers to make more
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Optional ways to grow/add-ons

Refer your friends, make more

You get bonus when your friend list their first car, and a percentage of their inital earnings.* Don't delay—this is a limited-time offer.

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Our hosts have earned a total of $370M to date

If you’re able to invest even just $7,000 in a car that will meet the requirements to be listed, you’re going to pay that car off completely within three months* … and then everything after that is 100% profit.
With Getaround I’m literally making money while I sleep. One morning, I woke up to an instant booking a guest had made at 2:00 a.m. the night before. I had money coming into my bank account while I slept. Does it get any better than that?
Essentially, Getaround paid to maintain and update my old car and allowed me to buy a new, more fuel-efficient car for my daily commute.

Now is the time.
Start hosting and
increase your income.

The time you're not driving has never been more valuable. Our Host bonuses put extra money in your pocket.

When you join the world's largest connected car sharing marketplace, you're taking advantage of your chance to earn more, even if it's just a side hustle.

Become a Getaround Host and open up a world of opportunity.
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How do I upload my car photos?
How do I get paid after my car gets booked?
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¹ Images shown are for car size reference only and may not correlate with the make model and year.

To learn more about promotional offers, see full program terms and conditions.