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I booked a van when I moved to a new apartment. It was less expensive than a moving truck and was easier to drive.
We play local pubs on weekends and none of us have a vehicle big enough to move all our gear. We used to take three vehicles, but that meant we also had to find three parking...
I book a car share every weekend to take the kids shopping for the week's groceries and whatever they need for school. I reserve an SUV on Wednesday so I know it will be there.
I've used other platforms in the past, but Getaround stood out the most because they charge hourly.
I love driving these cars. One time, I stopped to fill up on gas before returning the car. The driver next to me said ‘wow, that’s a nice car, man!’ I just chuckled and...
I live in Manhattan, so when I'm driving it's usually out of town to pursue my hobby of horseback riding and going to horse shows. One time, I dragged my boyfriend with me...
Carsharing with Getaround is a fantastic alternative if you only need a car sometimes.
I like the liberating feeling of not needing to own a car. I book Getaround cars five days a week for work, errands and day trips.
I booked a car for 3 days and drove to Joshua Tree! It was the first time I saw my friends post-COVID. They flew out from the east coast to see me here in California. It was a...
As a single mother with no car, you have helped me immensely. I am in my 4th rental, and hope to keep renting for some time. I hope you understand you're not only doing...
I don’t own a car right now, because I use Getaround for everything: It’s cheap, reliable, and has space for my kids.
Awesome car, great MPG, will probably rent again since we just moved here and are cruzing around looking for an apartment. Thanks!
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