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We bring the experience, you bring the drive.

Increased demand for car sharing has stimulated a new wave of entrepreneurs. Getaround® technology makes onboarding, management, and growth of a new business more affordable, accessible, and possible than ever before.

With Getaround®, we bring the experience, you bring the drive.

Getaround hosts and power hosts

Our hosts are transportation heroes using Getaround to improve the quality of life for people who can’t own cars or don’t have access to the vehicles they need. Our connected car technology, Getaround Connect®, enables guests to book a wide variety of vehicles directly from our app without ever having to meet hosts in person, carry an access card, wait in line, or coordinate a key exchange.

Hosts provide safe, economical and functional cars for Getaround guests who are primarily urban dwellers running errands or taking weekend trips. These guests typically book cars more frequently, as often as several times a week or several times a month. They are more thoughtful and plan trips. Car sharing, for them, is a habitual transportation mode, and Getaround hosts focus on fulfilling these users' needs.

Getaround hosts

There are different types of hosts, but each shares a common goal — to become a successful entrepreneur in the car sharing business. The most prosperous hosts on Getaround's platform have more than 25 vehicles and adhere to the investment approach. Still, many single-car hosts earn recurring income that reduces the cost of car ownership, and they are successful in a different way.

Single-car hosts

Single-car hosts might look at car sharing as a way of offsetting expenses rather than making money. If, for example, you have a new car payment of $500 per month, that might amount to as much as 10% of your annual income. Add to that the cost of fuel and maintenance on a vehicle that is likely idle for as many as 22 hours per day, and car ownership can be a costly matter.

When a host puts that vehicle on the Getaround platform, they must pay for and perform regularly scheduled maintenance, so it is safe to operate by both the host and guests, but the difference is booking revenue. Thus, the owner can reduce the costs of car ownership each month.

Small-fleet power hosts

Small-fleet power hosts are the most common type of hosts on the Getaround platform and are growing in number. They share at least two cars. Typically, a small-fleet power host is an individual or small car-industry business (such as a car lot), but it might also be a different kind of business, such as a hotel or convention center that wants to provide on-demand mobility for customers or visitors.

In most cases, small-fleet power hosts purchase low-mileage, good condition, popular model cars (speak with a fleet business manager to learn more). Additionally, they retire and sell vehicles while the mileage is still relatively low and retains much of their resale value. The car owner uses some or all of the sale price to continue growing the fleet.

Large-fleet power hosts

The final category of power host is a large car business that may share dozens of cars on the platform. Like the small-fleet owner, this host is likely a medium to large company using car sharing to increase a pre-existing fleet’s income during idle hours.

Large-fleet power hosts usually have employees and a their own fleet manager for vehicle care and maintenance. Many hosts sell these cars while a significant portion of the resale value remains.

“Experts predict the global car sharing market will reach over $100 billion by 2025*.”
Valuates Reports

The Power Host program

Increased demand has stimulated a new wave of entrepreneurs and Getaround's host tools make onboarding, management, and growth of a fleet more accessible to these aspiring business owners. Our tools helped power hosts grow their fleets from an average of 8 cars in 2020 to 12 vehicles already in 2021.


Experienced account managers dedicated to onboarding hosts and helping them succeed.

Data-driven insights hosts need to optimize their businesses, such as areas where demand for shared cars is the highest.

Directory of premium parking spots reserved for Getaround hosts.

$1 million insurance policy covering each trip (available in most areas).

24/7 customer support for both hosts and guests.

Monthly and annual earnings reports.

Monthly Getaround credits to use when your car is unavailable.

Access to Car Manager for daily reports and fleet insights.

Marketing, public relations, and promotional opportunities.

Getaround drives demand for hosts

More than two million guests in the United States have used Getaround to safely perform everyday tasks such as getting to work, taking children to school, and shopping for groceries. That is an appealing audience size for any businessperson. What's more, we experienced 80% growth in Getaround's geographic footprint in 2020 and expanded into 26 new cities in the first quarter of 2021.

Unlike other entrepreneurial opportunities, such as franchises, Getaround enables people to build a business that fits them with a low barrier to entry — anyone who owns an eligible car can become a Getaround host. It is the easiest way for entrepreneurs to start and grow a car sharing business.

Hosts don't go it alone at Getaround. We are the only global and digital carsharing marketplace that currently provides power hosts with expert, hands-on guidance, and 24/7 support. Our industry-leading analytics and unmatched technology enable hosts to optimize vehicle assets, market presence, and operational infrastructure. We allow entrepreneurs to create wealth and support their communities while building the world’s best car sharing marketplace.

Host responsibilities

Hosts like you make Getaround possible, and you have unique responsibilities. These Getaround community standards will contribute to an excellent experience for you and your guests.


Keep your car’s profile and your account information up to date and accurate so guests can locate your vehicle quickly and communicate with you through the Getaround app as needed. List your vehicle's home location and special features and update these promptly, should they change.


Ensure your car is at the home location, so the guest has no trouble finding it when booked. Be proactive in blocking time on your car’s calendar so they know when your vehicle is unavailable. If you need to cancel a booked trip, notify the guest immediately and contact Getaround to cancel the reservation (cancellation fees may apply).


Keep your cars clean, well-maintained, and smoke-free, and use the Getaround app to exchange messages with guests. Remember that guests can leave reviews about their experience, and positive reviews often lead to more bookings. Remove all personal items from your car; Getaround’s insurance policy does not cover personal items.


Be prompt, respectful, and clear in conversations with your guests. Questions might come up during a trip, and you are the person who knows your car best. Communication can ensure guests use your car as you expect. Instructions should be simple and easy to follow so guests can pick up and return your vehicle without needing to contact you or Getaround.

Top 10 reasons to become a host today.


Income generation.


Contactless bookings.


350 U.S. cities and growing.


Low barrier to entry.


Easy onboarding process.


24/7 support.


Dedicated account managers.


Market analytics.


Dedicated host community.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Getaround's Power Host program?

Getaround has seen a growing demand in car sharing interest from people who need cars to live and work. We developed this program to support the many entrepreneurs who have seen this trend and are building their car sharing businesses to share multiple cars on our platform.

Learn more

How many cars does the average power host have on Getaround?

In 2020, the average number of cars listed per host was 8. In just the first three months of 2021, the average has increased to 12 to meet escalating market demand. However, many Power Hosts join the platform with just one or two cars and grow their business from there. There is no perfect number of vehicles for any fleet, and every host can grow the business at the pace that works for them.

Where do Getaround hosts park their cars?

The host can park cars in any legally permissible location within an active zip code on our platform. By working with their dedicated account manager, hosts can gain analytics and insight about where demand is highest. Getaround also negotiates parking spaces with municipalities and businesses and makes these spaces available to hosts.

What markets are showing the most significant growth?

Cities with medium population density and limited transportation options — Getaround calls these transportation deserts.

Why is Getaround a better platform for my cars?

Made possible with our Getaround app (software) and Getaround Connect® (hardware), Getaround has built a platform of connected cars, meaning every step in our booking process incorporates the contactless car sharing experience. From the way we vet our guests to how we manage our demand data, we have created a platform that allows hosts to grow a fleet they can easily manage across an entire city (compared to needing all of their cars in a single parking lot). 

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How many miles is a guest allowed to drive my car in one day?

Guests are limited to 200 miles per day. Guests that exceed this limit incur a per-mile fee, part of which is reimbursed to the host.

Do people book trips for more than a day?

While most Getaround trips tend to be for less than a day, many guests commonly book a Getaround car for a weekend trip or even longer. Some guests have even booked Getaround vehicles for weeks at a time.

Do you actively develop partnerships that can help me grow my car sharing business?

Getaround has an entire team dedicated to developing new partnerships that increase demand for cars. Take a look at this recent announcement by the city of Boston. We also are working with hospitality companies and legislative and regulatory lawmakers that understand how car sharing is good for the economy and the environment.

Why did Getaround launch the Power Host program — is it better than the host program they had?

The previous host program focused on single-car hosts, but demand from guests has increased over the last year as hosts with more cars on the platform continue to be successful. The Power Host program has more features and resources that help hosts start quickly and scale to profitability.

How does the Power Host program earn Getaround and me more money?

Getaround and Getaround hosts share the revenue from trip reservations. As demand has increased, so too must the supply of cars. With this program, we hope to encourage current hosts to increase their fleet sizes, gain market share, and attract new individuals and car businesses to the platform.

What are COVID-19 protocols in place for hosts? Do you offer tips and resources to keep cars sanitized and clean?

We provide hosts with tips and other information about sanitizing their cars, but most proactively provide sanitizing wipes and modify their cleaning routines to keep guests safer during the pandemic. If we learn a guest has tested positive for COVID-19, we promptly inform the host so that the vehicle can be sanitized for the safety of the next guest.

Is there a limit to the number of cars a Power Host can have on the Getaround platform?

No. The Power Host program is for fleets of all sizes — from the two-car owner to the large car lot seeking to increase income from cars customarily parked and used for different purposes.

How has Getaround responded to theft?

Getaround has a dedicated team that assists with all safety concerns. Car theft is not common, but we work with law enforcement and the host to enable quick recovery if theft occurs. Getaround diminishes risk by helping hosts choose safer parking options and constantly improving our technology and hardware.

Aside from the Power Host program, what else is Getaround doing to increase demand?

Getaround is focused on numerous initiatives to increase platform usage, but even without these initiatives, we have seen a marked increase in demand as the pandemic becomes more controlled.

How much do Power Hosts make on average?

In 2020, the average Power Host earned $45,000*in gross trip revenue, with top performers earning more than $250,000 across their entire fleet. In 2020, the average car dedicated exclusively to the Getaround platform for the entire year* earned more than $6,000, with top-performing cars earning over $11,000.

*The average of all hosts with two or more cars dedicated exclusively to the Getaround platform for the entire year. Getaround does not guarantee earnings; your results as a host may vary.  

As a host may I offer an electric vehicle on the Getaround platform?

Not yet, but Getaround is currently developing all the necessary processes and technology required to offer a seamless booking experience for a fully electric vehicle. We will continue to keep our host community up to date as we advance support of EVs on the platform. 

As a host may I offer a luxury car on the Getaround platform?

A careful review of our typical guests indicated they are more interested in fuel-efficient vehicles. We worked with hosts to shift their fleet models to accommodate these preferences. As demand on the platform changes, we are open to reconsidering luxury cars; however, we are focused on providing the best standard/economy car experience possible.

Do you provide technology the Power Host can use to interact with guests?

Guests can contact hosts using the Getaround app on an Android or iOS device. Hosts can keep their phone number private by responding to guest queries through the Getaround app.

What is Getaround doing to embrace carbon-neutrality and improve the company's carbon footprint?

Studies show that when car sharing is available, people drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, which can reduce household carbon emissions by up to 40%. Also, Shared cars are used frequently, often encouraging their Hosts to turn over the asset for new, more energy-efficient vehicles.

Do most hosts list a single car, or are they listing entire fleets?

Getaround has typically appealed to the single-car owner, but for several years, many new hosts have multiple-car fleets and, once on the platform, scale their fleets to meet demand.

Sign up and share your cars on Getaround

Become a Getaround power host and share your cars on Getaround®

Getaround makes becoming a host a possibility for anyone with an eligible car — whether you are carrying a loan or lease on the vehicle* or you have paid it off. For people with multiple cars, the Power Host program provides a level of support and guidance, which hosts need to manage the availability and maintenance of a few or even dozens of vehicles. This simple setup means you can become a Getaround host today.