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Getaround host support tools are unbeaten in the car sharing industry. We provide power hosts with a dedicated account manager, tools, resources, and more to ensure you succeed at being your own boss.

Getaround® provides hosts with a dedicated fleet business manager, tools, resources, and more.

Host support

Getaround offers extensive host support. From a dedicated online community to relationships with business partners that will help you grow and give you new business, promotional, and expansion opportunities, we constantly develop new resources and tools to make owning a car sharing business more accessible and more profitable.

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Your one-stop-shop for resources, providing feedback, and knowledge sharing with fellow hosts.


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An overview of the cars you're sharing on Getaround, including recent reservation activity, car listings, and earnings reports.


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We build relationships with governments, real estate developers, and service & technology providers to increase demand for your cars.


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Getaround ensures trust and safety through effective host relations, 24/7 support, roadside assistance, and insurance.


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A vast collection of articles to help you and your guests use Getaround.


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Learn more about the Getaround platform and your responsibilities as a host.


Fleet management

Once you become a Getaround host, you may consider expanding your business to become a power host with two or more vehicles. Adding more cars to the Getaround platform is easy, but remember, you are transitioning from a single-car host to a power host and will need to spend more time managing your fleet operations.

Fleets can be any combination of cars, pickup trucks, or vans. The Getaround car manager will keep your finger on the pulse of your vehicles' needs, including battery levels, fuel refilling, location, and more. As your fleet grows, there will be an increase in maintenance and cleaning requirements, and you may have to spend more time addressing these needs to ensure your cars quickly return to active status after maintenance.

Benefits of fleet management

Fleet management is a focus for every Getaround host sharing two or more cars. Good management of even a small fleet results in cost savings and higher earnings. Whether you have five vehicles or five dozen, fleet management helps your business thrive.

The regime

Hosts report spending between 30 – 60 minutes on average per car per week to keep vehicles clean and ready for guests. They wash exteriors once a week and change the oil once a month.

They also set aside time monthly to take care of accounting tasks. Depending upon the size of their fleet, these duties can represent a full- or part-time job. Those who already have a full-time job enlist help from various sources: a family member, another host, an employee, a service provider, or even a gig worker.

Many hosts establish relationships with service providers, such as mechanics and mobile car washers, to take advantage of quantity discounts and ensure reliable, on-time service from trusted providers.

Fleet security

Keeping guests and vehicles safe is a top priority here at Getaround. Our Enhanced Security feature enables you to immobilize your car's starter when it is not on an active Getaround trip. For added convenience, if you turn on Enhanced Security at the start of a trip, Getaround Connect® automatically enables the car’s starter for the guest.

Enhanced Security is a Getaround exclusive feature. It isn't optimal for all models, nor is it a replacement for your car's existing security features; rather, it complements them and makes your car more secure.

Building and maintaining your fleet

Fleet management will help you control costs and spend your time more effectively. Depending on your fleet's size and the time you have available, you may choose to use a dedicated fleet manager to support your operations. It might be a family member, another host, a full-time, part-time, or gig team member. The amount of time you will require of them will depend on your fleet’s size and your availability to support your car sharing business. We have some power hosts who manage their entire fleet by themselves, and we have others who have hired a team of full-time employees to run their business.

Vehicle acquisition

Purchasing the right vehicle is crucial to effective fleet management in car sharing. Your Getaround account manager can provide information about popular models in the market you are considering. In some cases, your FBM may be able to help you find cars worth purchasing.

If you are adding a single vehicle at a time, you might choose to work with a local dealer and repeat the process for each additional vehicle. Many automakers have a fleet program that discounts prices for multiple purchases if you are buying several cars. Some hosts prefer to purchase cars from private owners because they get more information about their history and have more flexibility in negotiating the purchase price.

Vehicle analytics

Getaround is the only car sharing company with dedicated FBMs for every power host. This team uses data to help you capitalize on everything from the best cars to buy to the best places to park them in your city. Your FBM is here to provide you with information that enables you to make decisions about what is best for your business. 

Vehicle maintenance

Maintenance is key to successful car sharing. When vehicles are in the shop, they cannot earn you money! Be sure to schedule preventive care to keep your car on the platform and available for booking. Something as simple as proper tire pressure can save up to 11 cents per gallon, and your tires will last longer — around 4,700 miles longer says the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

Well-maintained cars are safer, but accidents do happen. As part of your fleet management strategy, you will work with Getaround's teams to report incidents and file claims.

Vehicle turnover and resale

Savvy hosts know when it's time to sell and maximize the income from each vehicle. Getaround car sharing doesn't stop with the recurring monthly income. Managing your fleet may include selling the car and using the profit to grow your fleet by purchasing multiple similar vehicles, a  more popular, fuel-efficient vehicle, or a combination of the two! Fleet turnover ensures you get the most from your investment from purchase to sale.

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