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Creating the world’s largest carsharing marketplace.

Getaround® hosts and power hosts tap into our leading global and digital carsharing marketplace of more than 6 million users across 8 countries and 850 cities.

Getaround's unique approach to car sharing

About Getaround carsharing

Getaround® is the leading global and digital carsharing marketplace. We have proprietary technology and data that make sharing vehicles superior to owning them. Our community includes guests who rely on our cars for on-demand mobility and hosts who share vehicles on our platform, including those who operate carsharing businesses.

On average, non-shared cars are idle 22 hours a day. When we share cars, we effectively use a single car to its capacity and reduce the number of cars on the road. Fewer cars on the roads mean less congestion, a reduction in the number of accidents, and setting aside less space for parking.

Studies show that when carsharing is available, people drive less and drive vehicles more appropriate for their use case, reducing household carbon emissions by up to 40%. With multiple users and more miles driven, cars are retired more quickly. As these older cars are retired, newer, more energy-efficient vehicles take their place.

The concept of sharing a vehicle only when you need it versus owning one 100% of the time was the impetus for Getaround's founders, Sam Zaid, Elliot Kroo, and Jessica Scorpio, to start Getaround in 2009. Since then, Getaround carsharing has expanded to more than 800 worldwide cities, 300 of which are in the United States. We have more than 6 million guests worldwide, with 2 million of them within the United States in 17 states and 21 markets (metropolitan areas) and growing daily.

More than a decade later, wide-ranging lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic and other economic changes have amplified consumer interest in disrupting the traditional car-ownership regime. People are increasingly living car-free and relying on Getaround as one of their core, reliable mobility solutions.

The Getaround difference

Today, more than six million people across seven countries have used Getaround's contactless carsharing experience. With the Getaround app (software) and Getaround Connect® (hardware), guests never have to visit a ticket counter to complete paperwork or wait on an owner for keys to start their trips. Getaround provides a fully digital, contactless booking and pick-up experience for the guest and host.

Getaround technology

Getaround Connect® was explicitly designed for contactless carsharing. With our innovative iOS app and Android app, guests find, book, and unlock cars faster and more efficiently than a typical rental counter. This truly contactless experience is one reason Getaround is the first choice for guests around the world.

The Getaround app enables hosts to locate and monitor their shared vehicles when they’re not being used for an active trip. Getaround also provides a desktop interface for fleet management. The app displays fuel and battery levels as well, which ensures active cars are ready for guests when they need them.

Other carsharing platforms

Getaround Connect® makes us different. Our guests are different too. They often live in or near a metro area and need a safe, reliable car to live and get to work. It is our mission to ensure they have access to exactly that.

With carsharing, guests don’t own the car, so the primary feature is availability, not style. They care far less about the car model than when and where they can pick up the vehicle and drive to their destination without incidents. That's why, in 2020, we guided our hosts to align their shared vehicles with our unique guest needs and are transforming our app to ensure it too meets the requirements of our guests.

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Become a Getaround power host and share your cars on Getaround®

Getaround makes becoming a host a possibility for anyone with an eligible car — whether you are carrying a loan or lease on the vehicle* or you have paid it off. For people with multiple cars, the Power Host program provides a level of support and guidance, which hosts need to manage the availability and maintenance of a few or even dozens of vehicles. This simple setup means you can become a Getaround host today.