March 9, 2023

Host Policy

This policy applies to your use of the Service as a Host. For the purposes of this guide, a 'Car' means any vehicle you make available to Guests through the Service.

By listing your Car with us, you agree to the following terms:

Maintenance, Safety, and Inspections


Getaround requires that all vehicle features included on the listing page at the time of booking accurately reflect the vehicle features from check-in to checkout. You commit that your vehicle listings will be complete and accurate and you will honor all representations made in your listing.

Regular Maintenance

You are responsible for obtaining regularly scheduled maintenance for your Car in accordance with all government and manufacturer recommendations (“Maintenance”). The Service may make certain assumptions about your Maintenance requirements based on information you provide about your Car. Upon request by Getaround, you are responsible for providing proof of Maintenance to Getaround, in the form of acceptable documentation signed by your Car's mechanic or a Getaround approved vendor, or, if available, a proof of maintenance feature on the Service. Should you fail to do this, Getaround may suspend the Car from the Service until acceptable proof of Maintenance is received.

Safely Operable

You are responsible for maintaining your Car in a way that is safely operable by any Guest. You may not place in your Car any modifications, devices, equipment, or other items that may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Regular Inspections

Ideally, you should check the condition of your car and the gas level in between every trip. At a minimum, check on your car every 7 days and promptly report any issues with the Car. All damage or insurance claims must be filed in-app no later than 7 days after the end of the Reservation in which they occurred for insurance coverage to apply.

Ownership and Registration

You understand and agree that you have the legal authority to list your vehicle on Getaround; and, if requested, you agree to provide documentation of legal title and ownership of your Car and to keep a valid copy of your Car's registration in the glove compartment of the Car at all times while listed on Getaround.

Insurance Policy

You agree to keep in the Car, at all times, any proof of insurance mandated by Getaround. In the event of an accident, Getaround may also choose to require you to access insurance policy information electronically and email a copy of this information to the other parties involved.

For Hosts listing their cars in the state of New York, please see the section titled New York State Insurance Information in our Insurance Summary.

Roadside Assistance

If your failure to observe any of the requirements in this section results in the provision of roadside assistance during a Reservation, you understand, acknowledge, and agree that you are solely responsible to Getaround and/or the Guest, as applicable, for all expenses incurred in connection with the provision of such roadside assistance.

Tesla Hosts

If you are a Host who would like to list a Tesla through the Service, you hereby authorize Getaround and its employees and agents to access your Tesla app for the sole purpose of providing the Service. Your consent may be revoked at any time, provided that such revocation shall constitute a simultaneous request to remove your Car from the Service.

Proper Care and Reservation Procedures


When your Car is available for Reservations, you are responsible for parking the Car in a legal and accessible parking space with a valid parking permit, if the Car is street parked. You are solely responsible for all parking tickets, citations, violations, and resulting fees and obligations that are incurred from your Car being improperly parked while outside a Reservation period.


As a Host sharing your car on Getaround, you are expected to provide a clean car at the start of each Reservation for your Guests. Hosts are expected to physically inspect and clean their cars at least once per week. Cleaning refers to the removal of trash, dirt and other impurities, from all surfaces (Interior & Exterior) of the vehicle.

Cleaning Guidelines:
- Gather trash and debris
- Remove and clean floor mats
- Clean interior windows and mirror
- Clean center console
- Clean door panels
- Wipe down dashboard 
- Disinfect steering wheel
- Vacuum and clean carpets and seats
- Tackle tough odors
- Inspect and clean headlights and backup camera

As a Host, you are also expected to review inspection photos submitted via the Trip page in the Getaround app after each trip to ensure issues are identified sooner If there are no pre- and/or post-trip photos, it is strongly recommended that you inspect the car in person as soon as possible. Getaround may flag and potentially place a car into a limited status if there are multiple car cleanliness issues reported by Guests. As a Host you are expected to respond quickly (prior to the next trip, or within 24 hours) by inspecting & cleaning the car to ensure it is returned to an active status.

Please note that repeated cancellations and negative trip reviews due to cleanliness issues will negatively impact your trip revenue, and could impact your listing rankings and presentation within the app.

Citations and Tickets

You are responsible for all citations that are issued to a Car outside of a Reservation and any resulting towing and storage charges. If your Car is street parked, you are responsible only after 24 hours past the end of the last Reservation on your Car, or once you have moved your car for personal use. Guests are responsible for paying any and all traffic tickets or other infractions that occur during a Reservation—and for 24 hours afterwards, if the Car is street parked. We recommend that Guests contact you directly to resolve payment for a citation.


You will not smoke in the Car at any time and will ensure the car is smoke-free. The Guest is not permitted to smoke in your car and may be fined for smoking in your Car.

Commission Charge

For every Reservation of your Car, you will be charged commission fees outlined in our Fee and Commission Schedule and payment for Reservations will be sent to you as outlined in our Terms of Service.

Personal Belongings

You should ensure that your Car is clear of personal belongings before each trip.

Other Fees

You agree to all Standard Fees, Accompanying Fees, Pass-through Charges, including Getaround Connect charges, as well as other fees and charges outlined in our Fee and Commission Schedule.

Payment Card

You agree to keep a valid payment card on file at all times to process any authorized charges under our Terms of Service.


You are responsible for keeping the fuel tank above 1/4 full at all times when the Car is available for Reservations. The fuel tank must be at/or above 1/4 full at the start of each Reservation period. The Guest must refill the fuel used during a trip and may be charged fees for failing to refill all gas used.


When a Host cancels a booked Getaround Trip, a Host Cancellation Fee will be charged at Getaround's sole discretion. After a Trip's scheduled start time has elapsed, the Trip may not be canceled by the host or at a host’s request. All cancellations are subject to the applicable fees specified in our Fee and Commission Schedule.


Getaround Autotoll is an automatic tolling feature. When passing through a toll plaza or an electronically tolled lane, the toll will automatically be registered and paid by Getaround. You agree to being charged for any tolls incurred outside of a Reservation at the rate charged to Getaround by the tolling authority. You further agree that if you leave any electronic tolling device in your car, such as FasTrak or EZ-Pass, you will be solely responsible for the paying all tolls billed to that device, regardless of whether they occur during a Reservation. You acknowledge that failure to do so will result in your receiving toll violations (which can include substantial financial penalties), and that you are solely responsible for paying any such violations caused by inaccurate or out-of-date license plate information.

Spare Key

You agree to always keep one key in the Car and another key in a safe place outside of the Car in case an emergency arises.

Missing Key

In the unlikely event that the key to your car goes missing during a Reservation and cannot be retrieved, Getaround, at its sole discretion, will either: a) replace the missing key and arrange for it to be programmed and paired with your spare key, or b) reimburse you for the costs associated with replacing the missing key and having it programmed and paired with your spare key, provided that Getaround has received and approved an invoice for such work prior to its commencement. Under no circumstance will Getaround reimburse you for incidental costs, including without limitation replacing the locking mechanisms of your car. If a spare key is not present, you will be responsible for the costs of replacing the spare key.

Contact Info

You agree to keep an up-to-date phone number and email on your account in case we or a Guest needs to contact you for reasons relating to your Car.

Host Responsibilities

You are solely responsible for all traffic violations, tolls, towing charges, damage, and other fines, obligations, and losses incurred in relation to the Car (i) other than those resulting from a Reservation, or (ii) arising from your breach of the Terms of Service Agreement, including, without limitation, this Host Policy.

Off-App or Off-Platform Agreements

Getaround does not recognize or enforce agreements or arrangements made directly between Guests and Hosts outside the Service. Examples of such arrangements include establishing trip durations other than those reflected by the Getaround app, making alternate pickup or dropoff arrangements, or settling charges or reimbursements for trip fees. No such arrangements pertaining to a Getaround trip shall prohibit or otherwise affect Getaround’s ability to enforce this policy or our Terms of Service.

Third Party Hardware Devices

Hardware other than the Getaround Connect with similar functionality may be present in cars listed on Getaround. Such hardware may include dashboard cameras, mileage and location tracking devices, and hardware that may have been installed by the original manufacturer of the car listed on Getaround. If you are a Host whose car contains such hardware, you must disclose each such device and its purpose in your car’s description. You must also abide by all applicable laws regarding the usage of such devices, and you will indemnify Getaround from any and all claims or damages that result from your failure to abide by such laws. Finally, you acknowledge and understand that such hardware shall be used at your own risk, and that Getaround is not responsible for its loss, in accordance with the Personal Belongings section of our Host Policy. Getaround does not collect or store any data generated by such hardware.

Electric Vehicles Breakdown Locations

If you are sharing an electric vehicle on our platform, you must identify one location where your vehicle can be towed or transported if its battery dies or the vehicle is otherwise rendered non-operational. This location must be accessible by flatbed tow trucks and should have the ability to charge your vehicle.


Delivering Cars to and from any airport; parking Cars on airport property; or conducting any other host operations on airport property, is strictly prohibited.

Claims for Loss or Damage

Insurance Coverage

Your Car is covered by Getaround's insurance policy solely during a valid Reservation period. The terms of coverage are outlined in our Insurance Summary, excluding normal wear and tear.

Filing a Claim

If your Car is damaged during a Reservation, it is the responsibility of the Host to gather relevant information and submit a claim. If you discover damage that occurred during a Reservation, you must file a claim in-app no later than 7 days after the end of the Reservation in which the damage occurred for our reimbursement policy to apply. Reimbursement for the deterioration of parts previously damaged but unreported , unrepaired and/or not immediately apparent or visible to the naked eye will not be considered unless the initial damage is reported no later than 7 days after the end of the Reservation during which damage occurred. You understand and agree to detail the full nature of the damage and allow time for damage or loss assessment, dispute arbitration, or remediation in accordance with these Terms.

Loss of Use

Getaround will provide up to $25.00 per day, up to a maximum of 30 days, where repairs are pre-approved by Getaround and performed by a Getaround-approved repair vendor. The amount of compensation for each such repair is based on the final invoiced work hours for the repair completed by a Getaround-approved vendor, beginning on the 15th day of the car’s deactivation from service and ending, at the latest, on the 45th day of deactivation. A payment for Loss of Use is the sole source of compensation for such loss of use, including but not limited to parking fees, Getaround Connect fees, and any ridesharing services used or Getaround cars booked while your car is deactivated. If any of the aforementioned items are compensated on an individual basis, they shall be deducted from the Loss of Use payment. For clarity, Loss of Use payments are available only where repairs are pre-approved by Getaround and performed by a Getaround-approved repair vendor. Loss of Use payments are not available where repairs are not pre-approved by Getaround or performed by a Getaround-approved repair vendor. Nor are such payments available as compensation for non-repair-related situations such as general connectivity issues, parking disputes or difficulties, late or improper returns, cleaning or refueling needs, lost keys, and/or towing or impound situations.

Wear and Tear Policy

You understand and agree that all vehicles experience normal wear and tear over time. It arises naturally as a result of normal use, contributing to the overall condition of the vehicle. You further understand and agree that Getaround does not insure for normal wear and tear, and we limit our liability following our Wear and Tear Policy.

Manual Transmission

You understand and agree that manual transmission components experience normal wear and will require servicing and replacement. You further understand and agree that Getaround uses 60,000 miles for Regular Cars, 40,000 miles for Performance Cars, and 20,000 miles for High Performance Cars in calculating any compensation if your manual transmission fails prematurely and where the cause was due to a Reservation. In this event, compensation would be for the remaining useful life of the component that experienced accelerated wear. No compensation will be offered until a claim has been filed and processed fully by Getaround.

Repair Estimates

You understand and agree that, in assessing any damage or loss, we will utilize the services of a professional vendor approved by Getaround at our sole discretion or an approved vendor selected by the insurance provider representing the liable party.


Except as otherwise specified in our Insurance Summary, Hosts are solely responsible for retrieving their Cars from vehicle impounds, storage, or tow lots where such retrieval results from an active Getaround trip. In the event of such retrieval, Getaround will reimburse the affected Host for direct reasonable costs of retrieval, along with a maximum of 48 business hours' reasonable storage fees commencing from time of Getaround's oral or written notification to the Host, unless such retrieval is caused in whole or in part by the Host's failure to observe any of the requirements listed in the Maintenance, Safety, and Inspections section of our Host Policy. Getaround may in its sole discretion assist with retrievals where the vehicle is being stored or impounded more than 100 miles (by driving) from the vehicle's home location.

Personal Belongings

You understand and agree that personal items left in the car are not covered by Getaround’s insurance policy before, during, or after a Reservation, as outlined in our Insurance Summary. You understand and agree to remove personal belongings from the Car before and after each Reservation.

Notice to Hosts of Vehicles with Liens

You understand and acknowledge that, if lien is attached to your Car before it is shared on the Service (for example, if your Car is leased or financed), sharing your Car on Getaround may violate the terms of your contract with the lien holder. Additionally, such contract with the lien holder might impose specific requirements for physical damage coverage. You will indemnify and hold Getaround harmless from and against any claim(s) made against Getaround by any such lien holder caused by the actual or potential breach of your contract with such lien holder, and you waive and release Getaround from and against any claim(s) that otherwise may be asserted by you against Getaround in connection with such lien(s) or contract(s).

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