May 6, 2022

Parking Terms and Conditions

Parking eligibility and these terms (the “Parking Terms”) are subject to change or termination at any time. Pursuant to these Parking Terms, Hosts shall ensure that, at all times except during an active Getaround Trip, their Cars are parked in compliance with all parking rules, regulations, and ordinances applicable to the location where such cars are parked, regardless of whether such rules, regulations, and ordinances are imposed by a governmental entity or a private business. Hosts shall procure and maintain all permits applicable to their use and occupancy of the parking locations described herein. Valid parking permits are required for all Hosts who do not have reserved parking spots and who intend to street park their Cars in an area that requires permits for such parking.

Parking Eligibility

Hosts and/or their cars must meet all of the following minimum requirements to be eligible (and remain eligible) for parking arranged by Getaround:

Certain parking arranged by Getaround is accompanied by additional eligibility and maintenance requirements. Please see the Public Car Share Program below for further details. Cars may need to be temporarily vacated from a parking location because of external factors such as road closures, construction, resurfacing, or any other temporary "no parking" situations. Hosts must use best efforts to immediately vacate the parking location upon notice from Getaround.

Public Car Share Program

Getaround has established programs (collectively, the “Public Car Share Program'') to provide car share services that have additional requirements. The Public Car Share Program requires the cars to dedicated to carsharing and must: 1) be less than seventy-two (72) inches in height; 2) emit low levels of emissions for the applicable vehicle class; 3) be reserved or available for reservation on Getaround at all times while such car(s) occupies the parking location; and 4) must have Getaround logo decals on the rear of both the driver and passenger sides, and a Getaround URL decal at rear of the car prominently displayed at all times. Hosts with Cars that are parked at Public Car Share Program locations consent to Getaround’s and or its contractors’ ability to monitor, relocate, and make routine adjustments to the Car while parked at such locations, without such Host's prior approval.

Parking Maintenance

Hosts accept the parking space(s) in “as is” condition without representation or warranty from Getaround.  Hosts shall not make requests of, or interact with, employee(s) at the parking location(s) that adversely impact the business or operation of the parking location(s) or Getaround's business relationship with such location.  In addition, Hosts shall, at their sole cost and expense, keep their car(s) clean and in good operating condition and repair while such car(s) occupies the parking location.

Hosts shall be responsible for maintaining the parking space and twenty feet radius around the space. Hosts shall maintain this area in such a manner that it shall remain free of debris, trash, glass, garbage, snow, ice, or other obstacles. Hosts shall maintain the parking space as needed and as determined by Getaround.

Hosts shall permit only one vehicle to be parked in each assigned parking space. Hosts shall not misuse, damage or deface the parking location, nor permit any objectionable noises or odors to escape or be emitted therefrom, nor do or permit anything to be done at the parking location in any way tending to create a nuisance or disturbance, or to injure the business reputation of Getaround or the parking location in connection with their use and occupancy of such location. Hosts shall not make any changes, alterations, additions or improvements to the parking location, or install any equipment or signage, without Getaround’s prior written consent in each instance.  

Hosts agree to abide by all rules and regulations now or hereinafter in effect pertaining to use of the parking location, and agree to reimburse Getaround and the parking location for any expenses incurred as a result of any violation thereof, including without limitation, towing expenses for any vehicles parked by Hosts that obstruct other vehicles at the parking location or interfere with general ingress/egress to the location.  

If any lien or claim of lien is filed against the parking location or Getaround in connection with Hosts’ use of the parking location, Hosts shall, at their sole cost and expense, promptly pay and discharge such lien, and cause the lien record of the lien to be released. Upon termination of Hosts’ relationships with Getaround, or vacancy of the parking location (whichever occurs earlier), Hosts shall, at their sole cost and expense, promptly remove any vehicles, equipment or signage, as applicable, restore the parking location to the condition that existed immediately prior to their occupancy of the space, reasonable wear and tear excepted.

Cancellation & Assignment

When cancelling their parking, Hosts must provide Getaround with at least thirty (30) days' notice prior to the beginning of the month for which such cancellation is requested; otherwise, Hosts will be charged for the full parking amount, regardless of whether or not such Hosts continue using the space or the services offered by Getaround this period. When transferring their parking, Hosts must provide at least five (5) business days notice prior to the transfer. Certain locations may have unique cancellation or space transferral requirements. Getaround will use best efforts to inform Hosts of any such unique requirements prior to Hosts agreeing to occupy the location in question. Hosts must use this cancel & transfer parking form: Any other notice of cancellation will not be recognized including but not limited to email or phone call to Getaround support or staff. If applicable, Hosts who are in the process of removing any of their cars from Getaround are not eligible for parking incentives.

Upon vacating a parking space, Hosts must return any access devices to the parking location management, or the Host will be charged a $50 replacement fee. In the event a Guest fails to return the parking access device to the vehicle after their trip, the Guest will be charged a $50 replacement fee. The Host will be responsible for picking up the replacement access device from parking location management. In the event the Host has to pay the replacement fee, Getaround will issue an earning adjustment for the amount after the Host provides a picture of the receipt.

Getaround may immediately revoke an Host's parking privileges any time and for any reason, without prior notice. In the event an Host's parking access is revoked by Getaround and such Host is no longer using the space, the Host will only be charged a prorated amount based on the number of days of parking usage for that month, and such Host will not owe any future payments to Getaround. In the event that an Host's parking privileges are revoked, but the Host does not vacate the parking location, the Host's vehicle may be towed at the Host's expense.

Parking locations or spaces are assigned to a unique car and cannot be transferred to (or reassigned by) Hosts (including other car(s) owned or managed by the same Host,) without Getaround’s prior written consent, which Getaround may grant or withhold in its sole discretion.

No waiver of any term of these Parking Terms shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and Getaround's failure to assert any right or provision under these Parking Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

Liability Waiver

Hosts park in self-park locations (each, a “Location”) at such Host's sole risk, and such Hosts accept the Location in “as-is” condition. Only a license to park a Host's vehicle is granted in connection with parking at the Location, and no bailment is created and no property interest is conveyed. The Host shall be solely responsible for locking the vehicle and retaining the keys. Neither Getaround, nor the Location’s owner or manager, is responsible for fire, theft, vandalism, damage or loss of vehicles or component parts or personal property therein.

If the Location is a full-valet or valet-assist Location, Hosts and Guests shall be responsible for removing any valuables or personal property before providing vehicle keys to Location attendants. Any claimed damage or loss must be reported and itemized by Hosts to Location attendants prior to leaving the Location after such Host's vehicle has been valet parked. Neither Getaround, nor the Location owner or manager, is responsible for personal property left in the vehicle, damage caused by fire or defective vehicles, or loss of vehicle use or other special or consequential damages.


A Location Management Service Fee includes managing the parking location or space, in addition to (and separate from) the cost of parking. A Location Management Service Fee may arise from (but is not limited to) the following situations: reserved parking signage and materials, installation of signage, and location optimization efforts. Additional fees may also be charged to cover administration and processing, in each case at Getaround's sole discretion.

Prices for the cost of parking are subject to change upon thirty (30) days’ notice to Hosts.

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